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About the Author

I'm a fourth generation New Yorker and proud of it! (Shout out to my ancestors who spent weeks crossing an ocean only to get to America to work jobs they didn't like, so I could spend my life doing what I love. Their photos hang above my desk and I thank them daily.)


As an actor, I've also lived in Los Angeles, but prefer New York.  (Note: I would move back to L.A. in a heartbeat for a gig/call me if you're stuck in traffic; I will help you navigate canyon roads.)


I hold a B.A. in Creative Writing from Columbia University.  While there I focused on fiction, television and screenwriting.  I'm bossy, detail-oriented, and good at multi-tasking, so my ultimate goal is to be a television showrunner/mom. (I gave birth during the pandemic, so I'm halfway there.) 

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