Oh, hello!

I live in a tiny home, in a big city. 

I'm an actress (who sings).

And I'm a children's book author.

And if you couldn't tell by this photo, I'M HAPPY ABOUT IT!

Lulu 2 is on its way!

Lulu the Broadway Mouse: The Show Must Go On arrives in bookstores on March 31, 2020 and is available for pre-order now!

Lulu the Mouse got her dream. Now she’ll do everything she can to save it.


Spring has sprung in Shubert Alley, but along with the warmer weather comes some terrible news. Lulu and Jayne’s show is closing. 

After a history-making Broadway debut, Lulu thought she had it all but then came cast changes, a mouse-hating theatre critic, and dwindling ticket sales. With the show’s imminent closing, Lulu’s brother Benji comes up with a brilliant idea on how to boost ticket sales: Lulu and company must venture outside the safety of the theatre and into the big city to try to save their show— and their dreams. 


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Lulu The Broadway Mouse is in stores now!

Lulu the Broadway Mouse tap danced into bookstores on October 9, 2018!

Lulu is a little girl with a very big dream: she wants to be on Broadway. She wants it more than anything in the world. As it happens, she lives in Broadway's Shubert Theatre; so achieving her dream shouldn't be too tricky, right? Wrong. Because the thing about Lulu? She's a little girl mouse.

When a human girl named Jayne joins the cast of the show at the Shubert as an understudy, Lulu becomes Jayne's guide through the world of her theatre and its wonderfully kooky cast and crew. Together, Jayne and Lulu learn that sometimes dreams turn out differently than we imagined; sometimes they come with terms and conditions (aka the company mean girl, Amanda). But sometimes, just when we've given up all hope, bigger and better dreams than we'd ever thought could come true, do.

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